Psalm 61

“Overwhelmed!”- Not a word we would use often but there are times when we find ourselves in such a desperate situation this best describe’s our experience. We are “Overwhelmed,” whether personally or through circumstances or at the plight of another- we don't know what to do. It is as though the soul descends into the blackness of night. We frantically look around, clutching for “straws”, what to do. How to get out of this, does anyone understand? The Psalmist knew what this was like.

So let’s gather around and listen in to one who has been there and glean from him how and what he did and so we ourselves may follow and do likewise if or when we find ourselves in the place “when our hearts are overwhelmed.” The word means to be literally “covered in darkness.” You can't see your way out, through it, it seems you are in a black hole and no light at the end of the tunnel. Is there any hope? If the Psalmist had never been through it and wrote down, we would not be beneficiaries. But because he had been "there," he can help give us "Divine perspective" as we are there or no someone who is. There is "hope for the overwhelmed." 

In this message we find there is Hope form God- who knows all about where we are and what is happening. There are truths to be gleaned and implemented to strengthen and encourage and worship God in such times. A familiarity with His character is one help.

“What do you do?” So let’s as it were listen to someone who has been there, and can help us practically some of the way through. So let us sit and listen at the feet of the psalmist to find help and Hope from God for ourselves and perhaps others we know who feel“overwhelmed” with life’s situations.

So join with me  as together we listen to the advice from the psalmist and consider there is ,“Hope for the Overwhelmed.”


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