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July 1, 2007


Dear Friends,


Last Wednesday Aidan was experiencing some of the worst pain he had felt in a long time. It was all over his body, moving from his legs to his back, into his head and back around into his legs again. He had to take extra pain meds which kept him from sleeping until around 3 am when he was finally able to sleep for a few hours. It looked as though the Ireland trip might have to be postponed. But God!!!


Thursday morning came and Aidan awakened with very little pain. With thankful hearts we loaded up everyone and headed for the airport.


There are many purposes for this trip.


Mary, Noah and two other girls, Katie and Anna, will be helping a local Baptist Church with Kids Clubs in a few of the poorer parts of town. They will be helping with teaching, crafts and of course soccer games. The kids love the attention and really look forward to the Kids Clubs each year.

Our Kid’s Clubs team:

Anna Webster, Katie Salvey, Noah and Mary


Aidan will be sharing at a couple of Men’s breakfast beginning next Saturday morning. He will then fill in for the Pastor at Cherith Baptist Church who will be in the States for his son’s wedding.


All of them, plus Evan and Isaiah will be ministering to Aidan’s mom, who has graciously opened up her home to house our large group.


John-Keith and I will join them on July 19th, and then my parents and Granny will join us on the 22nd. It will be the first time that we will all be there together and we are all looking forward to it with great excitement.


Please continue to pray for all, that God would be greatly glorified in the lives of each one involved.


Other requests:

  • Fruit from the Kid’s clubs, Men’s breakfasts and Church meetings
  • Safety for all as the Kid’s Club’s are in some of the rougher parts of town
  • For unity with the team who will be spending a month in very close quarters
  • For rest and relief of pain for Aidan while he is in Ireland

 A very special thanks to all of you who sent the “Barnabas Notes” we were overwhelmed by your kindness.


Thanks also for your prayers, love and support, without you we could not do what we do. You are greatly appreciated.



Cindee for the McKenzie clan




Noah, John-Keith, Aidan, Isaiah, Evan, Cindee, Anna, Katie, and Mary