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I was sitting and  listening as the congregation belted out the words of the well loved song by Steve Green, "when will  we realize, people need the Lord." The pastor indicated after the song it was now my turn to stand and speak. So I took my notes from my Bible and left them on the chair beside me and walked to the pulpit and turned instead to Matthew 9 :36-38,  -" Seeing the people, He felt compassion for them,because they were distressed and dispirited like sheep without a shepherd. Then He said to His disciples, "The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Therefore beseech the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest."  To "send out" means to "EJECT"- Laborers need to be ejected into Gods Harvest. The problem is not that there are not enough lost people to go around, the problem may be the unwillingness of people to value Jesus Christ enough to care for those whom He died for and be willing to allow Him to eject them into a part of the harvest, where laborers are needed.
Not far from where John Keith and I had been for three weeks, we saw poverty we had never seen before, We met an extraordinary couple, Terence and his dear wife, who for 6 years have been going into  various poverty infested areas feeding the poor a bowl of soup a day and when possibly accompanied by some yogurt and bread. All donated and wonderfully prepared by Olga and Eric { who had been Terrence, Sunday school teacher when he was a boy}  Terrence in a small truck packs his truck, at times John Keith- who gets car sick {but never told us} sat back there in the heat of the noon day sun  in a vehicle piled up with food for those who had none to feed them and daily and weekly, and monthly and yearly Terrence and his dear wife and a few volunteers minister to these people who stand in  the heat of the noon day sun- waiting for a bowl of "Gruel" like looking stuff. Where do they get their support? From the Lord Almighty turning to Him to ask not only for the provision for these dear souls who sit in darkness but also for themselves so they may eat and pay their bills.
That morning I challenged the people who had wonderfully and heart-fully sang "People need the Lord" to consider the passage from Matt 9 when Jesus looked on the multitudes "He felt Compassion" When we look at those in the shacks - called homes to hundreds of thousands not far from where we were do they "FEEL" "Compassion" or "Contempt" for those souls whom Jesus hung on the cross for?. It is one thing for  us to sing "People need the Lord." It is quite another thing to be moved with compassion. The difference between feeling sorrow and compassion, can be summed up  this way. "Sorrow will move your emotions. Compassion will move your will and cause you to ACT on the circumstances and own it as though it were your own and do something about it.
The Disciples were told to "Pray to the Lord of the Harvest to beseech the Lord to send- compel laborers into His Harvest". People need the Lord- but are you ready to be the answer to the prayer to be sent into His Harvest? When you look on the multitudes who are not like you, don't smell like you, do you "feel" compassion - and act upon it or do you "feel contempt" and like the religious in the story  of the good Samaritan walk on the other side of the street - having come from worshiping  the Lord leaving someone wounded  and lying in the ditch on the opposite side of the road. But you have been to "church" and have participated in "church" things. But what about the People? Is church just about singing songs, hearing someone speak, having a nice cup of tea or coffee afterwards. Trying to beat the mad dash to the nearest local restaurant to eat more food than you actually need?
The Day before I left to fly to South Africa, I Called a dear widow to check on her, and she was excited John -Keith and I were going to South Africa. She said "Aidan I want to go with you. I know your leaving tomorrow but I am going to send a check" And  in the picture below? You see myself and Terrence shake hands after he had traveled to hear me speak at a men's breakfast.
Terrence daily feeds people throughout the region.  He does not have enough help, nor a truck big enough to carry the "soup" to the hungry. If you would like to help, in ministering you may contact Mike Budler , who is a missionary with Evangelical Baptists Missions who can answer any questions you have in partnering in helping; {For more information contact Mike Budler at(; ;serving at sent by Village Baptist Church ( and assisted by Evangelical Baptist Missions (} They have an account set up titled "POVERTY FUND". Please contact Mike for more details to any questions you may have 


Those who had provided bread for his ministry had stopped donating  so he had to buy some cheap bread where possible. So I told him as we shook hands that there was a lady who on behalf of herself and her husband who now was in Heaven  wanted to participate - and half of the money I was giving to him was for bread , the other part for him and his wife. Here is a lady who had no idea that she would be feeding people  half way around the world...and neither did I when I received from her a gift on behalf of the  Master to aid in the Harvest.....
We had been looking into the exact way we could give people an opportunity through a reputable ministry in South Africa to give to help those who in some cases have one meal a day to feed a child and to also have the tracts in their native tongues so they may hear of Jesus who not only at one stage "FELT COMPASSION" but today still "FEELS COMPASSION" and calls for His church to  "Beseech the Lord of the Harvest to send forth laborers into His Harvest." We are thankful that through Mike Budler and the organization he is with- any resources which are given are totally given towards the ministry. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO MINISTER TO THE "SOUTH AFRICAN MISSION" you may write to us at our ministry address- mark your check for "South Africa" and we will make sure 100 per cent gets to where it is needed. Already by His doing , He has raised up the resources to put a 38 year old lady through Bible school for the next year - paid for. It started with seventy cents from my youngest son Isaiah who is 8 and within one week we had enough to pay for her schooling , so she may share the GOOD NEWS in her own language. We want to be apart of His Harvest and invite you to join us if you wish.
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In my message that morning we looked at 4 ways we can advance the Gospel in our circumstances-
1. -Pray- 2. Proclaim- 3. Provide. 4. Practice it-. Yes people need the Lord .... but are you willing to be one of those who like Isaiah will say "Here am I Lord, send me." Terence's wife is ill and in need of prayer. Yet the harvest has occupied their  horizon. Is the song "People need the Lord" - a lovely song to you or does it cause you to act out in response? To pray that God may give you a heart to pray and  make you and send you as a laborer into the Harvest of the Lord"- wherever He chooses.
If you would like to be part of the Ministry to support those in need of food for their stomach's and food for their souls. PLEASE CONTACT MIKE Budler at the address information above or  feel free to contact us, us and we will put you in contact with those who can answer your questions. And like that dear widow ," Go..." and make a difference. Nothing is too small. in the furtherance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ 
PRAY FOR THE MINISTRY IN SOUTH AFRICA - where beauty and Poverty co exist- where two worlds are so close yet so far, where songs abound towards Heaven "People need the Lord" and where not far away." few believe and put into practice by the committing of their own lives to minister and share, and show and give , and be to a people  the hands and feet and heart of the Lord who loves  not merely the church goer who sings truth but those who are dead in sins , in need of truth bearers and truth carriers." He still FEELS COMPASSION
 In the words of the song;
"When will we realize ...people need the Lord."
Would you make this your prayer today for my family , yourself , your family and congregation,
 "God forgive us for our lack of compassion for the lost and our feelings and action of contempt and indifference. please grant onto us a heart  of compassion and teach us to pray that you will send forth laborers into Your harvest.... and if it would pleas You.... here am I Lord, send me"