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WHERE BEAUTY AND POVERTY ABOUND...Not far from one seems so unreal. You can be watching such majestic views one moment and then within thirty minutes be in the midst of people in poverty and depravity for whom the Son of God came to die!  THIS MORNING, JOHN KEITH AND I SPENT TIME in a town ship - the poverty "housing" you cannot describe...The man who took me is in his sixties, his wife very sick...but by faith for years they go daily to poor places to feed the people soup and bread which they might not otherwise receive.

"RETIREMENT"- not a chance for this couple - Why do Christians "retire?"  Is it not more time given by God to be expended for His Honor?  They have need of a truck - to pick up food from places that delegate resources...they need help - people who are willing to help is tragic to think, churches can abound around singing praises while people are neglected and ignored.  We often become so ingrown it appears - and I include myself - that we "flock" towards people like’s tragic and un-Christian, the lack of love and concern we often display, isn't it?  I just look at my own life and cry - God forgive and deliver me from me and empower me for YOUR KINGDOM. 

John-Keith served soup to those women who had already stood in line waiting to feed themselves and their families - tomorrow he goes back at 6 or so in the morning to help a lady make the huge pots of soup to feed others later that day. The food goes so fast.  I was able to share with some young men through the avenue of soccer.  I had  a ball and teens gathered around, and I  got them involved and used some soccer language to share with them as an opening into the Gospel.  I am not really interested in coming and spending three days in a place like this and returning to act as though such lives of wreckage does not exist.  How can Christianity be so indifferent to people?  I need to do some soul searching.  Today the people had no bread as the company that had previously provided no longer will do so…

 What is Christmas day like for most kids?  Excitement, anticipation, presents... great fun!!  That’s what Cape Town, South Africa has been for me.  After years of illness, like a bird allowed out of its cage, I get to share daily of Him who loved me and gave Himself for me.  Yesterday morning I got into a conversation with a waiter at a restaurant over soccer and was able to turn it to the Gospel....what a blast!!!  

After nearly 44 hours of travel we arrived on Jan 17th and after throwing some water on my face I went and spoke three hours later to some precious saints. 

This Past Sunday I spoke at two services.  Later I learned from the pastor's wife, a lady that day had prayed and asked the Lord to allow her to hear a message concerning Mary and MARTHA.  That Morning, unbeknownst to me, I read my text from Luke 10 and began to speak on Mary and Martha!  How kind is the Lord.  

A lady whose husband abandoned her for someone else recently and had not heard from him, shared her pain. We prayed God would convict him. The following day as she cried and cried her heart out, he called, and with some contriteness, said he wished to help her out.  He is still in adultery, but she was encouraged.  She is raising a teenager by herself.  Would you please pray God would grant this man GODLY SORROW WHICH Produces repentance - 2 Cor. 7:10.   



TUESDAY JAN 23rd – TOWNSHIPS - areas with between 30,000 -100,000 people living in poverty, shacks, drugs, violence, John Keith and I will be ministering there and, Lord willing, for the next three days.  

 WED - JAN 24th - I will speak that evening at a church.  Great response last week, after 44 hours traveling, throwing some water on my face and three hours later speaking. 

THURSDAY - Jan 25th TOWNSHIPS - To reach out through feeding the hungry and delivering gospel messages.  Also that day I will visit a dear sweet lady again who is very, very ill, meet with a young man from another country who is lonely, and then have supper with a couple in  broadcasting ministry. 

THURSDAY - JAN 25th - 7:PM - A live, thirty-minute show.  I spoke last week and have had a great response. The producer spoke of playing my 2 minute devotionals off our web site and also the radio show messages.  To be honest, in light of the response to the message I gave on  "Suffering and Trials – God’s Purpose" - I would rather have the show on here than in the States.  Pray God’s favor as we sit and speak about it - it could be a great opportunity to invest in ETERNAL MINISTRIES.  PLEASE, PLEASE PRAY.  PERHAPS GOD WILL open the door and use you to be part of investing in Eternal Ministries in South Africa. 

FRIDAY- JAN 26th-28th - I will travel to another part of the country and speak at a family conference.* FRI Night* SATURDAY Morning and Night* SUNDAY Morning  

WED - JAN 31ST - I speak at church. 

SATURDAY - FEB 3rd - I will speak at a men’s outreach. 

SUNDAY FEB 4th - SOMERSET WEST - I will travel Saturday evening with John Keith to another part of the country and stay that night and speak at another church that morning. 

SUNDAY PM - Travel back to another city, PARKLANDS, in time to speak at evening service.*** producer  of DVD ministry has heard me speak at two services and approached me and a leader of church about recording a session in order to produce a DVD of my speaking for distribution at this service.  A problem could be that they are teaching a class to the church, and would like me to speak on it…Not sure what it is as of yet…the good news is I may know much about the subject and get to speak on what I would like.  


Our Gracious Missionary Hosts asked if we could do two things what would we like to do
.  There is an island we can see from a distance where Nelson Mandella was held prisoner, and I would love to go and see where this man who was used to set so many free was held captive.  But John Keith interrupted the conversation and asked - "if there was any more opportunities for us to minister." Aah – precious…He is looking for opportunities to minister of Him who is able to set not merely men free but souls free - MAY GOD BLESS HIM for his heart....  

"THE SOUTH AFRICA CHRONICLES"Cindee has informed me that some home school groups and others from youth groups are following John-Keith on this adventure and praying for him. One group has wrist bands made up with his name on them to remind them to pray for him.  PLEASE DO! That GOD WOULD break his heart with love for Christ and the souls of men - that he would be a fool for Christ, an ambassador of Christ, and lose his life in living all his days for Jesus - and me too!! One man once said "He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose!" 

Is there a men’s group – women’s group, Christian school, group of home schoolers - who would be willing to pray for us?  One lady sent us a check - a dear widow when she heard we were coming.  She said, so she could go with us - no not physically but to support the work of the Lord.  The other day I thought we would soon run out of money "BUT GOD....." Great will be her share in any eternal Fruit.  Another family paid for our tickets so we could minister to people that we are honored to be among.  NEVER, NEVER THINK you can out-give God; or you cannot do enough for Him; or what you give in His Name is not enough.  Hebrews 6:10 says it best. 

To follow "The South Africa Chronicles" - and John Keith’s adventure – check back here at the web site and every few days there will be new pictures and observations from this teen’s heart, who I love dearly.  One of the things I love and admire about him is his consideration.  I have watched him again and again give and give away on this trip - Lord make me like him - concerned for others. 

WILL ANY OF YOU PRAY for him? Ask God to remind you to do so, and if you get a chance, lift him before God’s throne, for Him to meet him eternally and let him know you are praying.  Even if its only a line or two.  Which of us do not need encouragement?  Please also remember me as I attempt to share His Word and also Cindee, Mary, Noah, Evan and Isaiah who are at home, for GOD TO USE OUR FAMILY and give us1. P- People who pray with us2. T- Trust with us3. A -Advance Gods Work with us...Would you pray for us that God in His mercy may raise up men and women, boys and girls, whose Goal is Christ and the furthering of His Name and Fame together - giving all for Him...who IS WORTHY.  

For years I have struggled not only with a muscle disease but with lack of sleep.  Already this week I have gone to bed at 11:20 pm only to awake at 12:40 am for the day.  Tonight I lay on a couch and told a little boy his bed time story...I fell asleep, only to awake to John Keith placing a blanket over me and a pillow under my head.  I have managed a whole three and a half hours and I am thankful to God for John Keith’s capacity and some sweet sleep.  My health is standing up to the demands but tired...if you think of it, would you ask our Heavenly Father for some sweet sleep.  I am praying for you this evening-- to "Lift up your eyes and see the harvest is white and to Pray to the Lord of the Harvest to send forth laborers into His Harvest" where you are...even you beloved, to make His Fame and NAME Glorious. 

From Cape Town, South Africa, your friend and feeble yet honored servant of THE KING. 


Aidan for Cindee McKenzie and family